Substance Use

  • The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Nicotine Dependence in Lebanese Adults
    Rami Bou Khalil, A. Chaar , I. Bou Orm, Z. Aoun-Bacha, Sami Richa (2017)
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  • Suicide Risk of Heroin Dependent Subjects in Lebanon
    Francois Kazour, Michel Soufia, Jihane Rohayem, Sami Richa (2016)
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  • Prevalence and Correlates of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence in Lebanon: Results from the Lebanese Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol (LESA)
    Jean-Claude Yazbek, Ramzi Haddad, Rami Bou Khalil, Sani Hlais, Grace Abi Rizk, Jihane Rohayem, Sami Richa (2014)
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  • Implementing opioid substitution in Lebanon: Inception and challenges
    Joseph R El-Khoury, Zeinab Abbas, Pascale E. Nakhle, Marie-Therese Matar (2016)
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  • Comorbidity of Substance Abuse and Other Psychiatric Disorders in Acute General Psychiatric Admissions: A Study From Lebanon
    Elie G. Karam, Philippe F. Yabroudi, Nadine M. Melhem (2002)
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  • A general population survey on patterns of benzodiazepine use and dependence in Lebanon
    Naja, W., Pelissolo, A., Haddad, R.S., Badoura, R., Baddoura C. (2000)
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