Become A Member

LPA welcomes both student members and professionals working in the various fields of Psychology.

Below are the requirements to join either as student member, or a full voting member.

To join as student member :

You should be currently enrolled in a graduate MS/MA program in any area of Psychology.
Membership for “Student” is 80,000 L.L. (Eighty Thousand Lebanese Liras).
“Student” are non-voting members. Benefits include:

  • Access to e-mailing list (listserv) regarding job opportunities, research opportunities and scholarships.
  • Access to e-mailing list (listserv) regarding conferences, trainings, etc in Lebanon and internationally.
  • Subscription to LPA newsletter
  • Student discount rates to LPA sponsored workshops and trainings (up to 25% discount)
  • Opportunity to be active in developing a national psychology association
  • Opportunity to network and be involved with professionals and academics in the field of psychology in Lebanon.

To join as full voting member :

You are required to have at least a Master’s (MS/MA) or its equivalent in any area of psychology, from a recognized institution of higher education.
Membership for “Member” is 150,000 L.L. (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Lebanese Liras) per year
Benefits include:

  • Vote and run for executive LPA board
  • Initiate committees and events in coordination with board.
  • Be included in the LPA directory of psychologists published on its website.
  • Access to directory of psychologists and psychotherapists in Lebanon.
  • Access to directory of affiliated professionals (e.g., psychiatrists, speech therapists etc)
  • Subscription to LPA newsletter, and opportunity to author articles for LPA newsletter.
  • Discount rates (up to 25%) to LPA sponsored events (e.g., training seminars and conferences).
  • Access to e-mailing list (listserv) regarding job opportunities, research opportunities and scholarships, as well as conferences, trainings, etc in Lebanon and internationally.
  • Opportunity to be active in developing a national psychology association

Application and Renewal Procedures

Membership is valid for one calendar year. Benefits cease, until membership is renewed.
Renewal of membership is in March and September of every year. If a member renews or joins LPA in another month, the membership is automatically shifted to the nearest March or September before.
Benefits and contributions according to membership status will be effective immediately upon receipt of membership card.

Terms of Application

1. Complete the below application and upload the required documents
2. Once your application is received you will receive an email confirmation.
3. The LPA Board studies your request and sends you its answer within 21 days.
4. Once, you receive an acceptance email you may proceed to pay the membership fee at the below address.

909 597 461 001 03401 Lebanese Psychological Association at any branch of Bank Audi (Keep all receipts for your records)

Application Form

To apply, kindly complete the application form below and submit the required documents at the end of the form.

Name :
Father’s Name :
Last Name :
Date of Birth :
Nationality :
Age :
Gender :
Street name :
Building name :
City :
Country :
Name of Institution :
Street name :
Building name :
City :
Country :
Office Telephone Number :
Mobile Number :
Email :
I agree that my name and name of workplace(s) will be posted in the “Directory” of the LPA at

List the university education you have received with the most recent degree first.

Name of Degree
Field of Study
Name of University
Years of Study (From-to)

List the current job(s) you hold

Name of Institution
Years Spent(From-to)
I am involved in research :
If yes, briefly describe
Research Keywords
Affiliation/Institution where research is conducted
I agree that my research interests will be posted in the LPA Directory available on this website
1. I deliver psychotherapy/clinical counseling :
2. I deliver psychoeducational assessments :
3. I deliver other psychological services not mentioned (e.g., coaching, neuropsych testing)
If you deliver any of the above psychological services, please complete the table below:
License/Certification number and country (if any)
Specialty/Theoretical Orientation
Population (children, adults, couples etc)
Contact information for clients/patients
Institution/Office where services are delivered
I agree that information I provide about my psychological services may be posted in the LPA Directory on this website (may be accessible to potential clients/patients):
1. Have you been convicted of any criminal offense in any state or in federal court (other than minor traffic violations)? If yes, attach a certified copy of the court records regarding your conviction, the nature of the offense and date of discharge, if applicable, as well as a statement from the probation or parole office
2. Have you been convicted of a felony?
3. Have you had or do you now have any disease or condition that interferes with your ability to perform the essential functions of your profession, including any disease or condition generally regarded as chronic by the medical community, i.e., (1) mental or emotional disease or condition; (2) alcohol or other substance abuse; (3) physical disease or condition, that presently interferes with your ability to practice your profession?
If yes, include a detailed statement, explaining whether or not you are currently under treatment.
4. Have you been denied a professional license or permit, or privilege of taking an examination, or had a professional license or permit disciplined in any way by any licensing authority in Lebanon or elsewhere?
If yes, include a detailed explanation
5. Have you ever been discharged other than honorably from the armed service or from a city, county, state or federal position?
If yes, include a detailed explanation

I, the undersigned below, declare that I have examined the application, and all supporting documents submitted, and to the best of my knowledge, they are true, correct and complete.
Upload an updated Curriculum Vitae:
Upload a copy of ID or passport:
Upload a copy of the latest academic/professional degree:
Upload a passport-sized photo:

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