21 June, 2019 : Psychometric Tests and Diagnostic and Treatment Aids: Uses and Limitations Half-Day Workshop

LPA held a half day workshop delivered by LPA board member Mrs. Caroline Cordahi Tabet and Assistant Professor Dr. Pia Zeinoun. The workshop was divided into two parts,

the discussion of psychometric tools and their utility and adaptation to the Lebanese population presented by Mrs. Tabet, and a second part which focused on neuropsychological evaluations: when are they indication, and how can they inform diagnosis and treatment presented by Dr. Zeinoun.

The workshop was open to all practicing clinical psychologists, psychotherapist, educational psychologists, school psychologists, counselors, speech and psychomotor therapists and psychology students and was attended by 25 persons.


Overview of the speakers:

Caroline C. Tabet, DEA
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist

Caroline C. Tabet completed her Doctoral course work at the St. Joseph
University of Beirut, Lebanon. After a two year full time training in general
psychology at St. Georges Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut,
Lebanon, she completed two years of Child and Adolescent Psychology
Specialty training at the Yale Child Study Center and at Columbia University
and the California School for Professional Psychology in the United States.
Caroline is currently working as a child and adolescent psychologist at MIND
clinics and St Georges Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut. She is
also an instructor of Psychology at the University of Balamand, Faculty of
Medicine and Medical Sciences. She is a founding member and an active
researcher with several publications at IDRAAC (Institute for Development
Research, Advocacy and Applied Care) an NGO specialized in Mental


Pia Zeinoun, PhD
Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut

Dr. Pia Zeinoun is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the American
University of Beirut’s Department of Psychology, and the co-founder and
Managing Director of the Psychological Assessment Center at the AUB Medical
Center. Her research centers on the development of tests for Arabic populations
to produce testing practices that are culturally-relevant and valid, especially in the
measurement of personality, psychopathology in children/adolescents, and
neuropsychological functions such as memory, and attention. Clinically, Dr.
Zeinoun specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents
with neurodevelopmental and acquired disorders that impact cognition, behavior
and learning. Her clinical background includes graduate training in
neuropsychological assessment of children at the Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger
Institute in Maryland, USA, and licensure as a clinical counselor in the state of
Illinois. Dr. Zeinoun has a PhD in Psychology from Tilburg University in the
Netherlands, while prior to that she had a Fulbright sojourn at Illinois State
University, where she obtained a master’s degree in Clinical & Counseling